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THIS is your year of JUBILEE


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SAT  Dec. 12, 2020

Birthday and Book Celebration

on Facebook.  I will be reading from my book, This is your yr of Jubilee.  630pm to 8p

Fri 01/01

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Living and Loving 

My signature poem is Living and Loving. 

I got the words you need.  I speak Lifelines

Spoken Word, Original Poetry Books, Greeting Cards, Inspirational Posters, Calendars, CDs

I do Poetry Readings, Motivational Speeches, and Book Signings at any event, home or office.  Minimum honorarium Negotiable.


Living and Loving 

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We offer Spoken Word poetry for any occasion.  I also create personalized poetry and greeting cards.  Posters and CDs available

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This is your year of Jubilee

Books Available

Get your copy of Lifelines by BG Stanley from Xlibris, Barnes and Noble or on Amazon

This book captures the rhythms of Life.


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This is your year of Jubilee

Books Available

Get, This is your year of Jubilee, (a new book for a new season).  It will bless your heart and soul.

Available on Amazon.  KINDLE available. 

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Our Recent Work

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Celebrating you, celebrating life

In my book, 'This is your year of Jubilee,' there is a wonderful chapter on Celebrating Life.  This is a video with the first two poems in that chapter.  

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Living and Loving is one of the signature poems in This is your year of Jubilee.  It talks about enjoying life to the fullest, without stress or negativity.  

Living and Loving